Shower Kits by BathEmpire

Your shower kit is a vital part of your bathroom, providing a speedy, convenient and enjoyable way to freshen up and relax. Our shower kits are guaranteed to give you the very best, both in terms of longevity and design.

One aspect of this is making sure our thermostatic showers and the associated components are made from the best materials, researched and tested thoroughly for the purpose.

Thermostatic Showers Design

All you need to do is take a look at our diverse range of thermostatic showers for a variety of design setups. We have exposed bathroom showers, whose components fit on top of existing tiles, concealed bathroom showers, which go beyond your tiling to create a minimalist look, as well as the option to combine your thermostatic shower with a bath filler to increase your bathroom options.


We focus as much on the little things as the big things in our complete thermostatic shower sets, and offer an exciting and varied range of shower heads, including electric showers and a variety of shower heads.

All our showers look special with a futuristic LED shower head. Their lights, activated by the water pressure, glow blue for cold, green for warm and red for hot, adding rays of attractive colour to your bathroom.

BathEmpire Shower Systems - Warranty

We use solid brass, for toughness, and our chrome effect items don't suffer either. This is because, unlike inferior manufacturers, we use the innovative Rapid Heat Cycling Moulding production method to ensure the strength and quality of finish of our bathroom showers.

We are so confident that our products are of the very highest quality that we give you ten years' worth of warranty for absolutely free when you buy our shower systems. This type of peace of mind is hard to find, so buy a thermostatic shower from us and enjoy ten years of hassle-free showering.