Denver Gloss Grey Bathroom Furniture

Muted Cool

Grey is a rather misunderstood colour, we - and we are not talking about those Fifty Shades, either! Often seen as grim or dull, at we think that taking the proper shades, and teaming them with the proper design, can really make for a beautifully cool modern look.

Solid Wooden Construction

There is no point in all that style, all that looking good, if it is built on sand. We form all our Denver gloss grey bathroom furniture from tough, hardy MDF panels that are 18mm thick. This means our units are sturdy and robust, and can easily stand up to the daily wear and tear a busy bathroom will have to endure.

Little Touches - Hinges & Drawers

There is no detail too small on our Denver gloss grey bathroom furniture units to escape our attention. The doors, for example, don't have any old hinges but brand name units, specifically chosen to last longer than inferior designs.

Furthermore, our drawers all have hidden soft-close mechanisms. This avoids any slamming, which means no shocks and no damage to the body of your Denver gloss grey bathroom furniture structure, keeping it looking pristine. The range is also available as gloss white bathroom furniture in case you would like something a bit more subtle.

Warranty - 10 Years of Peace of Mind

As you can see from the above, we are all about the best materials at We have rigorous research and selection processes to ensure whatever we build from is perfect for the job. Our team is also ISO accredited, an external stamp of approval.

Due to this care, we can easily give you a free 10 year warranty without demur. Register it with us and that cover will run for the life of your unit and beyond. Such a simple process and it yields great rewards - it's a great bonus.

Any questions about that or any other aspect of your order? Get on the live chat with our team, or simply pick up the phone or fire off an email - they would be delighted to help.