Four Tricks for a Child Friendly Bathroom blogs

Are you pulling your hair out trying to think of what will keep your children busy this summer holiday?

When they go out into the garden, get all muddy and run back threatening to turn those white floors and carpets brown, what will motivate them to jump straight into the bath?

All these issues can be handled easily with our child friendly bathroom hacks that will make bath time as fun and entertaining for the kids and as relaxing and therapeutic for you. We have gathered four of the coolest ideas right here for you to try out for yourself over these school summer holidays.

Child Friendly Bathroom

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1. Cool Kids Bathroom Art

There are numerous fun and arty ways in which you can use to transform your space into a child friendly bathroom. With all sorts of quirky decorations that will mesmerise them, whilst maintaining a look of glamour and sophistication within your bathroom.

The ideas are as simple or sophisticated as you wish to go and you can also create some of these at home with your kids. They can work as crafty projects for the little ones to occupy them on their school summer holiday, whilst turning your bathroom into a quirky showpiece.

For instance, this bubble chandelier takes the priceless concept of bubbles and turns it into a stunning light feature.

Secondly, if you are a bit of a DIYer at heart, you can get the Avengers 3D wall art nightlight. This will definitely give your little ones incentive to never want to leave the bathroom. But be careful and read more about how to integrate electrics in the bathroom with this helpful infographic.

Last but not least, you can go for a simple guiding messages presented as art based to gently coax your children into using positive bathroom practices. There are tons of fun designs depending on what your children like, available from

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Dinosaur Toilet Roll Holder, Dinosaur Tooth Brush Holder and Peg Board Bathroom Storage courtesy of, and Popsugar
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2. Fun Storage Ideas

Toys, toys and more toys tend to create havoc during kiddie bath time, so why not get a hold of these nifty steel wire storage baskets to keep them off the floor and on the wall?

To keep your children’s toothbrushes in a hygienic state away from any spillage of hazardous potions that may spill in the bathroom, try the toothbrush hooks like the ones to the far left. If you prefer something that’s easier to carry out, just try these handy hacks for converting toys into cute bathroom storage items.

For instance, you can turn your little one’s dinosaur toy into either a toilet roll holder or a toothbrush holder. The perfect upcycling idea, the toy will act as a focal point to draw your child into the bathroom, as he will wonder why his old friend, Ed the dinosaur has started to fall in love with toilet rolls and toothbrushes.

3. Handy Ways to Sanitise

If you find it difficult enough getting your child into the bath, then why add ten other steps by using soaps, shampoos and conditioners when you can have everything combined in one magic potion?

This is where the 3-in-1 Mr. Bubble Body Wash, Shampoo & Conditioner comes in handy. The superb wash not only plays the part well, it also looks the part, as it’s been created for the little ones.

Therefore, spoil your kids with a pink and plump bathroom cartoon to keep them entertained all day long. If you have a problem getting your children to wash their hands before and after meal times or when they use the loo, then why not integrate toys into their washes, such as this Lego hand wash?

However, do not limit yourself with the concept of Lego, as you can use this idea as inspiration and customise the hand wash or sanitiser to whatever toys your children love.

Mr-Bubbles-3in1 and Lego Soap Sanitizer courtesy of and Rockinboys
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Safer Ways to Bathe the Kids
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4. Safer Ways to Bathe the Kids

The last but most important trick when it comes to child-friendly bathrooms is the safety of the little ones. There are many ways in which you can keep the bathroom hazard-free when it comes to your children.

Keep all your electric appliances away from the reach of your kids and wiring or cables at a distance. For a full breakdown of electrics in the bath, take a look at our handy infographic.

If you want to protect your children from scalding when it comes to scalding due to your shower rails and handles being too hot, then our cool touch shower technology is ideal for you.

Click here to find out more about how the technology works and how it will protect your family in the bathroom. Also, if you worry about your children running to the loo at night without calling on you and tripping and stumbling upon contraptions, why not use these handy bathroom lighting ideas?

LED nightlights for the toilet are the way forward, as well as rope lighting under bathroom cabinets, which will keep the room illuminated and safer for times when you’re in a worry-free deep sleep.

LED Toilet Nightlights and Under Night Light courtesy of and Buzzfeed
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