Blackout Bathrooms this Black Friday blogs

Here at BathEmpire we reckon Black Friday is the perfect day to remind everyone of the monochrome masculine trend that is happening in bathroom furnishings and home textiles.

Magnificent and moody (doesn’t that just sum up you guys!), masculine bathrooms can range from dark, minimalist and simple to sumptuous and fabulously futuristic… a bit like the Star Wars movie our opening quote was taken from!


So for Black Friday read Man Friday… and we appreciate that the males of the species often go for clean, sold lines in their quest for comfort and functionality.  We absolutely love strong contrasts in bathroom décor too, so while not everything in life is black and white, it’s often a great starting point in a male bathroom, where darker tones can introduce tranquillity, and, dare we say it, an air of mystery.  Go on, let visitors to your darkly classical bathroom discover an alluringly capricious twist to your personality.


When choosing your base colours you may find that 50 shades of grey is just a little OTT, but one shade of light grey mixed with white can create the illusion of a larger space.  Darker tones on the other hand make your sanctuary altogether more primal and personal.

With you in mind, we’ve put together a marvellous choice of monochrome accessories, from striking free-standing bathtubs, classy black gloss showers and majestic monochrome artwork to matte black taps, vintage shaving sets and even a vertical oval tube designer gas radiator (in black of course).


So on this Black Friday (and every day of the year to be honest), our advice to the guys is tune into your dark side and get back to black.  Be inspired here