Contemporary Bathroom Upgrades blogs

So you’ve embraced 21st century living with every conceivable digital widget and gadget in your living room, car and even in your pocket… but your bathroom is dragging behind the times.

Back in the day (long before we were thought of) you had to choose either flair or functionality; you really couldn’t have both.  And choosing style over substance, for example, might mean you had the best looking sky-blue pink themed bathroom in the street… only it didn’t have a bath or a shower!

We exaggerate. In short though, the function bit is really important.  But fear not, for functionality can be bang on trend. To prove it, we’re highlighting here some fabulous DIY design ideas that will breathe new life into your tired bathroom – and give you the push you need to tackle the beautiful bathroom upgrade you’ve been putting off for far too long.

Bathroom Upgrades

Electric Reflecting

Mirrors are a must-have bathroom accessory and it’s time to reflect a little more (see what we did there?) on what’s out there.  Replace that silver oval swivel thing that sits uneasily on the too-low bathroom shelf with something altogether more stylish.  Like an illuminated mirror which not only creates a feeling of spaciousness in your sanctuary, but gives you a crystal-clear close-up view of how fantastic you look before you reveal yourself to an expectant world every morning!

Bathroom Upgrades

Function & Style

Don’t let anyone persuade you that radiators are just, well, radiators. True, a few years back there was nothing more functional than those chunks of metal that kept you and the house warm.  Not now. They still keep you warm of course but radiators today are really hot!  Choose from a sizzling selection of horizontal radiators in lustrous chrome to slimline vertical radiators with dazzlingly dark gloss finishes.  And don’t settle for just any old towel rail – our heated rails look more like a work of art than a functional bathroom item.

Bathroom Upgrades

Clean Easy, Slide Away

Let’s put it out there – we have nothing against shower curtains. But if you still have one and you’re looking for a quick-fix bathroom upgrade, check out our amazing range of slick sliding shower doors.  Functional? Yes. But super trendy too and another easy way of opening up a bathroom you wished was just a tiny bit bigger. And if you really want to make life a little easier for yourself, take a look at our EasyClean range of shower enclosures. EasyClean is a solution applied at the point of manufacture that protects your shower enclosure glass from oil, dirt, lime scaling, stains, streaks and even droplets that can appear when you’re taking a shower or bath.  What’s more, this incredible stay-clean application is environmentally friendly – no harsh chemicals.

Bathroom Upgrades

Power in the Shower

Okay, the main aim of a shower is to invigorate you into your day.  But showers can look super stunning too! We have concealed shower kits, we have exposed kits; we have bar mixer kits, body jets and bath filler bar mixer kits, plus shower heads that are square, round, star-shaped, magnificently massaging, ridiculously relaxing and instantly invigorating. Everything is ultra-modern of course, and there’s a devilish design to perfectly fit your shower space.

So get planning and drag that bathroom of yours into the 21st century.  The possibilities – not to mention the mouth-watering shiny designs – are endless!