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The next time you’re working yourself into a lather with vinegar and newspaper trying to get your bathroom surfaces spick and span for those pesky party guests arriving any minute, ask yourself this simple question: Why didn’t I buy from BathEmpire?

That’s because our clean-cut “glass-tech” style gurus apply what we can only describe as a magic potion to shower glass that reduces cleaning time by 90%. Yes, really!

The clue is in the name: Easy Clean! We apply the solution at the point of manufacture to protect your shower enclosure glass from oil, dirt, lime scaling, stains, streaks and even droplets that can appear when you’re taking a shower or bath.

And this amazing Easy Clean application is environmentally friendly – no harsh chemicals.  We might add that the scientific part of the process is a micro-thin layer of invisible coating that has water-repelling aqua phobic properties. But for argument’s sake, let’s just say it’s magic!

What’s more, Easy Clean is transparently terrific, giving you a lasting blemish-free finish that will impress you – and those fussy guests!  And we do all the hard work for you even before your shiny new shower lands in your beautiful bathroom!

So if you buy from BathEmpire you can cast aside the vinegar and the newspaper (in a tidy way…) and let the factory-applied Easy Clean do the work.

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Have we made everything perfectly clear? :)