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Being credit card clever is a great habit to get into – and there’s no better time than Credit Education Month to share our top six tips here at


1. Switch it.
If your credit card is charging top-heavy interest, move your debt across to another card offering 0% balance transfer. So if your debt is £1,000 and it’s a 20-month 0% offer, set up a direct debit for £50 per month to ensure you pay off your debt without running into interest charges.

2. Break the habit.
So you still have the credit card you signed up for as an excited teenager? Okay, long-term relationships coupled with a good repayment history are great for your credit score, but it makes sense to search for an additional card with sign-up incentives, better rewards or a higher limit. Remember, the best deals are designed to benefit new customers.

3. Don’t miss.
Using direct debit means you will never miss a credit card payment, ensuring you meet some – or all – of your balance each month.

4. Aim higher than the minimum amount.
Credit card companies love customers who only pay off the minimum amount each month – it’s where they make most of their money. Even stretching to a few pounds more than the minimum can dramatically reduce the length of time it takes you to pay off your debt.

5. Change the date.
If your credit card payment day comes at an awkward time – like a couple of days before you get paid, ask your card company if you can change the date to make life easier for you. Paying your big bills when your own wage hits your bank account makes great financial sense, as you then know exactly what you have to play with until next payday.

6. Perk up.
If you have a cashback or reward card, make the most of those perks as some credit card rewards expire.

Here at we want you to stay ahead of the game. That’s why we believe passionately in offering our customers responsible finance options – and a safer way to pay through our relationship with PayPal.