Pamper Pa’ with our Top 5 Bathroom-Related Gift Ideas blogs

If you’re scratching your head, thinking of a cool and creative way to pamper your Dad this Father’s Day, then why not take some inspiration from our top 5 gift guide?

This list contains ideas that will be sure to spark up your imagination, no matter what your Dad is into.

Fathers Day

JD Dispenser
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1. The Environmentally-Friendly Way to Gift Dad on a Budget

Confused about what to do with all those old spirit bottles lying around? This gift is not only unique and cheap to make, but is also an enjoyable piece to create. This is because it requires someone having to drink all the liquid in the bottle at least a week beforehand – depending on their tolerance!

A great treat, a bit of a laugh and an eye-catching treat for guests to revel over when they visit your Dad, this quirky soap dispenser is a gift that won’t be forgotten. Click here to find out how to create the incredible gift.

2. A Shaving Kit that’s Fit for Clooney

So you see your Dad as a bit of a suave and sophisticated gentleman. Then why not go for this stylish and swanky little four-piece shaving set?

It’s an absolutely smooth and indulgent piece to express your affection towards your Dad. It is your duty to make sure that he is guaranteed a bit of gentle loving care when it comes to his face and beard.

Pamper Pa’ with our Top 5 Bathroom-Related Gift Ideas
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Fathers Day Beard Tonic
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3. Cedar & Bergamot Beard Tonic

Nowadays beards seem to be on trend, therefore the Herbivore Beard Tonic promoting healthy growth and grooming can be seen as a befitting gift. Crafted from 100% natural ingredients, the tonic is guaranteed to nourish and pamper any type of skin type it is applied to and you can get it as the ideal accompaniment to the stylish shaving kit described above.

4. Novelty Gun Soap

So you have a father who likes to play pranks, mess around and enjoy every moment in life. Then why not gift him with these role-play set of gun-shaped soaps?

These are not only practical gifts that allow your Dad to stay fresh all day. They also give your old man a lot of fun and edgy opportunities to re-enact scenes from the Godfather, so what better way to gift your Dad with objects that transcend all barriers?

Guns for Fathers Day
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Fathers Day Golf Kit
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5. Tiger Woods-Inspired Toilet Accessories

What more can we say? This nifty little golf kit can be used whilst on the loo. It is a wonderful and fun-loving way to spoil your Dad and let him practice his tee shots, bunker shots or chips from the convenience of his very own toilet.

Need More?

If you still wish to go for something a bit simpler, yet fun and funny, go straight over to our Pampering Pa’ Pinterest album for tons of original ideas that will leave you in awe.