Small space ranges for cloakroom bathrooms blogs

Cramped cloakroom? Bijou bathroom? No worries. The style gurus at BathEmpire have thought this through and have loads of big ideas when it comes to proving the point that small really can be beautiful.

So no more chin-scratching… our small cloakroom ideas, packed full of space-saving tricks, tips and quick fixes are guaranteed to get you into the right frame of mind for a planning frenzy that could transform the smallest room in the house.

And we have some top tips too if you’re looking to squeeze a convenient cloakroom into what is currently a wasted alcove space.

Here it goes:

Small Space Ranges for Cloakrooms

1. Planning

Okay, it’s the boring bit, but if you’re opting for a cloakroom upgrade you really do need to make a floor plan first. The good news is that all you need is a trusty tape measure to map out those fiddly angles.  It only takes a few minutes to have all the dimensions you need to make life so much easier as you start the search for sinks and loos that will not only fit your wallet, but the size of your room.

Need more tips? Check out our planning section.

Small Space Ranges for Cloakrooms

2. De-cluttter

Let’s start with a quick win. De-clutter!  When you don’t have much room to play with get rid of anything that is going to make your small space feel even smaller (including the golf clubs and the tropical plant that really has seen better days!).  A clean, simple look works, and, if you have shelves, a few stylish baskets can cunningly hide all those knick-knacks away. That’s better!

Small Space Ranges for Cloakrooms

3. Get the colour right

Now for the detail. Whether your cloakroom simply has the obligatory loo and corner sink or features a secret shower, think about creating a feeling of sumptuous spaciousness with a continuous run of light-coloured tiles. Better still, go for a similar colour shade of tile on the walls and floor. A minimal white cloakroom with a wooden or marble floor can also ooze high-end luxury in the smallest of spaces. That said, a bit of whimsical wallpaper can be fun too, but don’t overdo it!

Small Space Ranges for Cloakrooms

4. White is right

When choosing the main colour theme of your cloakroom suite, don’t be tempted to experiment.  So if you’re thinking “space”, white really is one giant leap into the future.  And if you have a bit of a thing about quirky colours, save those for wall coverings, prints, plant pots and accessories rather than the suite itself. Trust us, it works

Small Space Ranges for Cloakrooms

5. Scream for screens!

If your special sanctuary does have a shower, please take note that, ahem, savvy designers don’t really do shower curtains.  Let’s be honest, they can look a bit messy.  What’s worse they bring unnecessary clutter to a small space, which is the last thing you want.  If you don’t have any choice, then go for a transparent option and replace it regularly. But better still, cast the dreary curtain aside and choose an on-trend clear glass shower enclosure (TIP: Our EasyClean range of screens are a happy choice if cleaning isn’t your most favourite occupation!).

Small Space Ranges for Cloakrooms

6. Go slimline

There are so many cute and fabulous slimline suite options out there, so instead of trying to squeeze big-bathroom sized sinks, loos and showers into your petite space, ask about the extensive slimline range that includes wall-hung basin units and loos.

Small Space Ranges for Cloakrooms

7. Get cracking

Larger rooms can get away with small flaws like chipped paintwork, cracked tiles… even a bit of eeewy mildew (though we don’t recommend it!).  In small sanctuaries such imperfections are instantly more noticeable, so get cracking on those cracks.  You’ll feel better afterwards!

Small Space Ranges for Cloakrooms

8. Make the most of what you have

Finally, if your cloakroom wall can just about take a space-enhancing illuminated mirror, but not much else, how about a built-in unit around the sink or the loo.  A coupled toilet and pedestal basin set could instantly make a walk-in cupboard seem like a romantic ballroom (okay, so sometimes the style gurus exaggerate, but you know what we mean!). If on the other hand floorspace is at a premium but your walls have potential, check out our in-vogue range of wall-hung loos, sinks, shelving and artsy heated towel rails.  And if you want to conceal the cistern (who doesn’t?!), or your cloakroom is simply a dream project waiting to happen, you’ll find more on our Pinterest page. Enjoy!