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Mmm… Secret bathroom KISS can bring stylish results!

The phrase “KISS and make up” has a special meaning when it comes to accessorising your bathroom.

Yes, top interior designer Sian Astley shares the secrets behind a bathroom KISS in the second in this series of top video tips.

BathEmpire’s very own styling guru lets us in on how simple it can be to add the finishing touches we so often neglect in a sanctuary where we spend more time than you might think.

From mirrors and macrame hanging baskets to loo roll holders, shelves and pedal bins, Sian guides us through the rights and wrongs of accessorising to usher in new style, zest and finesse to brighten up any slightly dowdy bathroom.


Collect cool advice on coordinating your colours too.  And whether it’s cosying it up for the winter, going deliciously vintage or getting bang on trend, savvy Sian has an eye on beautification on a budget, suggesting quirky acquisitions as well as prudent purchases to brighten up your sanctuary.

Oh, and back to the hidden meaning behind a bathroom KISS… watch the video to be enlightened ;


Styling a bathroom hasn’t been something most people give much thought to, but we spend loads of time in them, the finishing touches are what will add style and finesse to your sanctuary. So what are the secrets to bathrooms styling success?

Well, first up is KISS, Keep It Simple Silly! If you have a rounded bath, basin and loo, opt for circular accessories like loo roll holders, mirrors and hooks. If everything is sharp edged and square, stick to the same style for your accessories. It amazes me how many people get this wrong!

Try to stick to a uniform finish, whether that’s polished chrome, satin nickel, brass or even, coming up as a trend, matt black. A more cohesively styled look is successfully achieved by matching or complementary finishes.

For a vintage feel to a bathroom, try mixing new purchases with quirky finds. Traditional style taps and sanitary ware can look fabulous with reclaimed find or period mirrors, for example, and a more industrial feel using metro tiles can be styled with metals & enamels to wonderful effect. In this monochrome bathroom, I’ve styled it with black accessories like this timber shelf, pedal bin and macrame hanging basket.

An easy way to refresh your bathroom is simply to change your towels and mats. Why not do that as winter approaches for a cosier feel, then in spring to freshen things up? New season colours can totally alter the vibe of the room. I tend to avoid full tiling as I like to give a lick of paint regularly to liven up a bathroom and get an on trend look.

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