Unblocking Your Bathroom Sink

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Not everything that pertains to bathroom or kitchen tasks requires solid artisan ability or an eye for gorgeous design detail.

No, some of these are just down and dirty, uncompromisingly necessary and simplistic jobs. One of these is unblocking a clogged basin. Now – as with many things in life – prevention is very much preferable to the cure, here.

Clean traps and wastes of organic dirt – hair and other grime – regularly and you shouldn’t encounter too much of a problem there. For the kitchen, be sure to scrape plates completely clean before leaving in the bathroom sink to prevent lumps of toughened food getting down and sitting in the pipework.

If the above preventative actions have unfortunately not been successful, then the next option – aside from acerbic chemical solutions – is to take the plunge.

Basin Guide - Unblocking Your Sink

Toilet Plunger
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What You Need

  • Plunger
  • Bucket (or Large Saucepan, if not)
  • Elbow Grease!

What to Do:

1. The first thing to do is block up your overflow firmly. A good rag is perfect for this – just jam it in there. This will stop the air you’re going to force down into the system from aimlessly darting out.

2.If the blockage hasn’t got the correct depth, run the tap until the water level covers the rubber part of the plunger.

3. Now, for the action. Place the plunger over the plughole and pump vigorously. This should push pressured air into the pipe, discharging any blockage.

4. Remove the plunger, and check to see if the water drains away as swiftly as before.

5. If this is the case, run the taps the thoroughly to flush the pipes and don’t forget to remove your overflow blockage.

6. If after a few rounds of this nothing is doing, we need to change tack. First, bail out as much water as you can from the sink and take your bucket (or saucepan) and place it beneath the trap. This will be under the basin.

7. Looking a little like a lopsided U-bend, this trap will have two plastic collar screws at either end. Using a rag or towel, unscrew the unit and inspect for debris. Remove any muck and refit. Run the taps, and rejoice if it works.

Unblocking Your Bathroom Sink

Unblocking Your Bathroom Sink

8. If there is still a problem it becomes a little more complicated. You will have to get to the inspection cover located nearest the sink and lift it.

  • If you have drain rods, you can rod the drain yourself to effect a clearance.
  • If the problem is the waste pipes within the home backing up to the drain, you will need some wire or a toilet auger to clear those.

Sadly, if all the above fails, it’s time to lift the phone and call in a professional. At least you tried though, eh?