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Claw Foot Baths

Robust Design

At BathEmpire, we provide you with the finest, intricately designed claw foot baths. Vintage elegance is present in these claw foot baths that have been designed with 4-6 mm of acrylic either side of 6-8 mm fibreglass resin.

All our freestanding claw foot baths have been reinforced underneath, by being cast into the bath rather than glued on. This adds maximum strength to the bath. We offer you a variety of claw feet on all our baths to give you the flexibility to choose your most-desired style.

Pick Your Feet

These include a selection of claw foot; dragon and modern feet that you can choose to customise your brand new traditional bath with. The claw feet we have on offer come with our Victoria roll top bath. These come in chrome and add a beastly appeal to your latest bath.

Other versions include the white and black aluminium feet, chrome ball feet and dragon feet, as well as light oak and chrome modern feet. This gives you plenty of options to select from when it comes to the latest feet of your bath. The exquisite collection of freestanding claw foot baths come with no pre-drilled holes, which meant that you are able to choose from our diverse group of options.

Embellish With Taps

These include stylish traditional mixer taps with hand held showers or modern freestanding taps to go with the sleek, modern finish of our contemporary, chrome plated feet. With these freestanding claw foot baths, the waste options are pop up and operate from the overflow.

We currently do not stock bath wastes for double ended baths; therefore an extended waste would be needed in this case. Furthermore, an exposed waste would be needed for roll top baths. Not only is our range of freestanding claw foot baths exceptionally designed to add a show stopping feature to your bathroom.

Ten Year Cover

The bath will last you a lifetime and they all come with an added extra of our free ten year guarantee. This covers you against any manufacturing faults that may occur within the next ten years after purchase. Please note, this warranty does not protect your tap and shower cartridges, as these come with a one year warranty.