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Square Baths

Elegant Square Baths

Occupying a foremost position in your thoughts as you plan your perfect bathroom, the bathtub is an essential part of any bathroom suite. Our square bath range has been designed to the esteemed standards that set BathEmpire products apart, that of class and longevity. Furthermore, it sets your bathroom apart from the rest with the regal and majestic charm of this show stopping piece.

Resistant to Wear & Tear

Formed using a double fibreglass reinforcement technique, additional strength, not to mention a delightful finish, is provided on our curved baths by a 5mm Lucite acrylic layer. This also forms a tough exterior that can resist cleaning chemicals and harsh knocks and damage, keeping your curved bath looking pristine.

Our square bath range also features extremely generous dimensions, ensuring a large capacity and also comes in a more compact range of options. This means you receive even more room to relax and stretch out in our square baths.

Fit Them Anywhere

However, we also provide you with smaller versions of the same styles in case you lack space in the bathroom. For instance, our square L-shaped baths come in a range of sizes from 1500mm up to 1675mm. We also offer a Constance freestanding bath, which takes up less space than a regular straight bath yet still has a similar appeal to the larger curved baths.

We want to keep your options open in terms of design, too, so we do not drill the tap holes for you in any of our square baths. This then gives you the choice of whether to have wall, freestanding or bath mounted taps to accompany your bath.

Ten Year Assurance

You will no doubt want to buy a square bath to last you a long time and want to do away with the worry and expense of having to replace this unit any time soon. We can do both of these things for you. This is because when you buy a square bath from us at BathEmpire you receive a free warranty, which is valid for the next ten years.