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Create your dream bathroom - Sunshine and Succulents

Meet Naomi! She is our very own Interior Designer and we think it’s time to show her off. Naomi Graduated from Sheffield Hallam with a degree in Interior Design and has worked at Ikea and Symphony Group (but we’ve nabbed her and plan on keeping her!) She is obsessed with Retro Modern and her favourite piece of furniture is her dressing table.

Here, Naomi gives us a helpful insight to what inspired her to create our brand new room sets. She also discusses her favourite products and how we can make the most of our bathrooms!

This beautifully bright bathroom has been wonderfully paired with dark bathroom furniture, such as the Walnut Effect Double Door Mirror Cabinet. Mixing this colour palette with dark woods and plenty of greenery creates an adventurous, but mature, style. Keep your products simple, yet stunning, with our Contemporary Curved Wall Mounted Basin and classic Back to Wall bath.

What is your favourite part of this bathroom?

The colour! How can you not smile when you see that lovely burst of sunshine yellow? A lot of people are hesitant to use a colour like this one! It’s a really adventurous colour to use in your interiors, let alone in your bathroom, but it’s a perfect example of how taking risks can really pay off. The dark wood takes the edge off and allows your eyes to view the room as a whole.

What was your favourite product?

The Back to Wall bath is sleek and seamless so it’s definitely that! The clever design allows for extra versatility when planning your space and I love a fuss free product. It looks like it has come straight from Pinterest!

Where did you get your inspiration from?

Instagram! If you have a scroll through any interior design profile or hashtag, you’ll see succulents everywhere. The added pop of greenery works beautifully alongside the dark woods and bringing a touch of the outdoors is so on trend. They’re also incredibly hardy so you don’t have to worry about watering them every day!

Any tips for styling a small bathroom?

I used to think that the golden tip was ‘keep it simple’ but after designing this bathroom – I disagree! I think it depends on the use of your bathroom. If you’ve got children or a lot of people in your house, storage is a necessity. If it’s just you (or you and a partner), you’ve got a bit more creative freedom. That being said, bright coloured walls don’t take up any space so you have no excuses!

How about the finishing touches?

I love a good set of matching towels as it ties the room together and it makes it seem as though you’re on top of your laundry! I also adore the yellow lampshade and the geometric print. Who says you can’t have gorgeous art in your bathroom?

Sunshine and Succulents – Small Bathroom Saviours

Don't be afraid of bold colours in bathrooms - even in small bathrooms! Mixing this colour palette with dark woods and plenty of greenery creates an adventurous, but mature, style.

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