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Make a Statement with Colourful Bathroom Furniture

If you're bursting to get brash in the bathroom, these ideas prove colour really can work wonders!

Make a Statement with Colourful Bathroom Furniture

Our bathrooms often reflect the nature of this most functional of spaces - neutral tones with very little colour. While we're not suggesting you splash a different colour onto every wall in the room, a carefully chosen bold shade can add personality, helping to lift this neglected space to a different level. Keep it classy though - choose one strong shade and surround it with plenty of pure white or a very pale neutrals.

Introducing furniture into the bathroom is a less risky way of adding colour than turning immediately to the paint brush - and the bonus is you get welcome storage. So check out these ideas, all designed to help you revitalise your sanctuary:

Restate non-bathroom furniture

Upcycled and painted vintage dressers, side tables and even old kitchen units can look great as a large bathroom storage unit. And you finally get to hide away all that clutter too as you've created a great place to store all those toiletries, loo rolls and towels. That retro vibe instantly gives a once-plain bathroom bags of personality.

Nothing to hand? You'll find lots of suitable pieces in second-hand shops. Just make sure you sand down and fill in any indentations before painting in the colour of your choice.

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Make a unique vanity unit by upcycling an old chest of drawers. Paint the wood using eggshell paint or chalk paint with a wax top coat - you might even distress it for a vintage finish. Then make any detail or decoration stand out with a touch of metallic paint. You could replace the top with a solid surface and undercounter basin or simply plumb in a bowl basin to sit on the top. If you go with this option, make sure the surface is well painted, oiled or varnished to protect it from water.

Perk up existing pieces

Give new life to painted woodwork such as bath panels and vanity units with a splash of bright blue, so evocative of the sea. It's a relatively quick job - simply rub down the old paintwork with sandpaper and wipe clean before recoating with fresh paint. Choose an oil-based gloss, satinwood or eggshell paint that's going to stand up to water splashes.

Midnight Grey is so you

Midnight Grey is bang on trend and works elegantly well when combined with gloss white basins. Chrome fittings blend beautifully with midnight grey too, or try brass for a modern vibe.

Green for go

Painting wall-hung units leafy green brings a zing of contemporary style to your bathroom, plus that all-important storage of course. And remember green and white is a fresh combination that always works well, especially when worked in with spa style bamboo accessories, living plants and brown glass bottles.

Widen the angle with colour

Narrow bathroom? No problem. A brightly coloured cabinet strategically placed on an end wall tricks the eye into thinking the space is much bigger than it actually is. That's because the eye is drawn to the furthest point in the bathroom. Magic...

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So what next?

There you have it, our top tips to work wonders when it comes to colour in your bathroom. Now why not browse our range of bathroom furniture, you can shop by colour to make sure that your furniture unit matches your colour scheme. Shop bathroom furniture by colour

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