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Storm Slipper Bath
# 1 of 8 storm £499.99
Peacock Slipper Bath
# 1 of 8 peacock £499.99

Roll Top Slipper

Storm Slipper Bath
  • Storm
  • Peacock

Roll Top Double Slipper

Storm Slipper Bath
  • Storm
  • Peacock


Peacock symbolism carries meaning of nobility, royalty, guidance and protection. If you imagine a peacock, you automatically think of deep, vibrant colours, opulent designs and a luxurious, rich palette. You can apply these layers of luxury and variety of materials and textures to your bathroom interior.

Peacock is the perfect colour to use in your bathroom as you can accentuate the deep blue/green tonal properties. By incorporating a teal bath, you can provide your bathroom with a luxurious, contemporary look (with added warmth and comfort!) This trend mixes traditional elements and a modern colour, creating a contemporary twist on an otherwise classic aesthetic.

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Imagine the colours of a storm – you think brooding greys, dusty blues and lightening silver. This is exactly what we wanted to channel into our very own Storm. Grey is a classic colour that holds its versatility within any bathroom design, be it traditional or contemporary. This luxurious bath has also been designed with a matte grey finish which adds a contemporary twist on an otherwise classic aesthetic. Pair it with bright colours, neutral colours or traditional designs– pretty much anything!

We think our Storm looks beautiful alongside blues, oaks, and blonde woods – if that isn’t your style, you can also tie it into a Scandi Chic look. The artistic licence and exploration is all yours.

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Hand Painted

Relax and sink into bath time bliss with one of our very own bespoke, hand-painted freestanding baths. Each one has been lovingly crafted and hand finished in the UK to create that sought after, luxurious, smooth finish.

Limited Edition

Due to the bespoke nature and exclusive design, these products fall under a limited edition offer with a small availability. If you’re wanting to grab an exclusive you need to act fast – it’s your time to own a top of the range product that will fulfil your wildest bathroom design dreams!

Coloured Feet

To complement your chosen colour, your statement tub is embellished with ornate ball feet. Alongside the gorgeous teal, Peacock has been paired with majestic white feet. We think this perfectly complements the white roll top design and ties the whole piece together. Storm, on the other hand, has looks stunning alongside chrome feet. If you’re going to make a statement, why not go all the way to the feet?

Warm to Touch

The thermal properties provide a bath that will retain heat and be warm to the touch – how lovely! No more shocks to the system when you touch it!

Single Slipper

The stunning single slipper design oozes royal influence and is reminiscent of a time gone by. This trend mixes traditional elements and a modern colour, creating a contemporary twist on an otherwise classic aesthetic.

Double Slipper

The double slipper option allows you to get comfy either end – you can literally sit back and relax whichever end you fancy! Two ends to get comfy means that bathing for two is also a doddle...