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Flippin' heck - it's Pancake Day!

Flippin’ heck – it’s Pancake Day! It’s that time of the year where we all consume the most amount of pancakes that we’ve eaten all year. It’s a very special day in our opinion.

Couple-fy your Bathroom!

Flippin' heck - it's Pancake Day!

We didn’t just want to share with you a recipe (although there is a tasty one included at the end), we wanted you to get to know us a bit more – and what’s better than to judge someone by their pancake toppings? It’s a bit of a pancake-gate debate in our office with a couple of ‘What!?’s and ‘Oooo that sounds yummy!’ So, here it goes…

The team and their toppings!

The American Stack

Todd likes a good old Blueberry Pancake - they must be American style- and finishes it off with lashings of Nutella! Adding blueberries to your pancakes is a great way to incorporate that five-a-day. (Does it cancel out the Nutella?)

Classic Sugar and Lemon

David is a fan of the classic sugar and lemon. It’s remained a classic because it never fails!

Straight in with the syrup

Tom goes straight in with the syrup – why mess around when you can rely on a sugary classic?

Strawbs and Chocs

Parv loves the divine combination of strawberries and Nutella – it’s making us hungry just thinking about it!

Healthy, but tasty

Ken has chosen a healthy, but tasty, option – honey and lemon! It’s one that not all of may have considered but it gives us an excuse to have an extra pancake this year. Am I right?!

Mix things up

Natalie, just like Parv, goes straight for the Nutella and strawberries. She likes to end with lemon and sugar because who can contain themselves to just one combination?

Complete the duo

Andrew also loves strawberries on his pancakes but he completes the duo with melted chocolate! We admire your commitment to the pancake festivities, Andrew.

Elegant and sweet

Helen, elegant and sweet as always, also favours lemon and sugar on her pancakes.

Ham and cheese?!

Last but not least is Wes who made us all gasp – he likes ham and cheese! Now we’ve recovered from the shock, we reckon it might be quite tasty. Maybe. Don’t quote us on it.

Rather lovely (and easy!) Pancake Recipe

2 large eggs

100g plain flour

Pinch of salt

300ml milk

1 tbsp. of oil

Extra oil to fry

Tea spoon of Vanilla essence (optional)

Pop the eggs, milk, flour, tea spoon of Vanilla essence and a pinch of salt into a bowl and whisk until it forms a smooth batter. You can either place the mixture aside for 30-35 minutes to settle or you can start cooking straight away.

Heat a medium sized pan on a moderate heat and spray or pour oil into the pan.

When it is hot, place your mixture (less for thinner pancakes, more for thicker pancakes) into the pan for 1 minute on each side until golden. (Our top tip is to keep them warm in a low, pre-heated oven as you go!)

Serve with whatever topping you fancy!

What about you?

Did we mention your favourite topping? However you choose to decorate yours, we hope you have a lovely day and go to bed feeling content and full of pancakes!

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