Anthracite Towel Radiators

Raw & Rustic Style with Our Anthracite Radiators

Our anthracite range of radiators are perfect for providing your living space with an impressive industrial feature that will blend well with neutral yet unusual grey tones. They would work quite well if put together with a few unique accessories, such as greyed out antique pieces or completely contrasted bold items in shades of turquoise and indigo.

Using anthracite as a background shade is a great way to completely transform a room. Bright and vibrant colours work well to contrast and bring interest to any living environment. If you want to go for a fun look, you can add some pop art influences for striking splashes of colour to create the urban look. Clean lines featured in all our anthracite radiator designs will give the room a contemporary and sophisticated finish. If you wish to go for something slightly more extravagant, try our anthracite designer radiators or anthracite column radiators.

Select Your Anthracite Radiator Size

The anthracite radiators we supply, here at, come in both horizontal and vertical column radiator designs. These designs are so versatile and can be installed to your bathroom, bedrooms, corridors, lounges or kitchens. Therefore, you can get exactly what you need according to the space of your wall. However, the best starting point would be to work out your BTU to find out the amount of heat output you would need according to the size of your room.

Anthracite Radiators for All Types of Spaces

Once you work this out, it will narrow down the choice of anthracite radiators and allow you to select the style and shape you prefer best. The anthracite radiators come in flat panel designs, oval and round shapes. All the shapes are available in both horizontal and vertical orientation. This makes it easier for you to match the look of the radiators in your home to all types of walls and spaces.

The striking flat panel anthracite vertical radiators and anthracite horizontal radiators portrays a look that is similar to wall panelling that is quite popular when applying Scandinavian touches to your home. The round and oval designs create a more timeless feel and can be merged with a mixture of interior design schemes, including slightly vintage and feminine styles of interior decor.