Back to Black with Classic Black Radiators

Monochrome or minimalist themes work well with our extensive variety of black radiators. If you want to create a unique look, you can even consider going for neutral tones as a backdrop and having one standalone black radiator that shines out above the rest.

If you think black is too dark, you can think twice, because our swanky range of black designer radiators come mainly in gloss black. This delivers a high gloss contrasting white sheen that bounces the light off, giving your room an elegant twinkle.

Several Sizes of Radiators Available in Black

We have an assortment of options when it comes to our black radiators. These include our black vertical radiators, black horizontal radiators and traditional towel radiators also available in black. The matt black powder coated finishes give the radiators a striking contemporary or slightly industrial look.

The range of black radiators offers you all the style and form you need in a variety of sizes. However, if you are thinking about what size you would need to get, the first call of action would be to work out your BTU. This will allow you to assess the amount of heat your room would require in relation to its size.

Select Your Favourite Shape of Radiator in Black

You can therefore work this out to narrow down the sizes of your brand new black radiator and then think about what shape to go for. Both the black vertical and black horizontal column radiators come in a number of shapes to give you the opportunity to choose something that works well in your home.

This will allow you to match your brand new black radiator with your interior design scheme and gives you the opportunity to express your individual style. The black vertical radiators are available in flat panel designs and oval designs that both entail their own charm. So whether you wish to obtain a bit of urban charm or something slightly more rustic, our black radiators will provide you with something to meet your requirements.