Anthracite Column Radiators Designed for Any Living Space

Earthy tones of anthracite wash our column radiators in a dusky, neutral shade to add a bold and powerful piece to your living space. The understated colour perfectly complements the striking and sturdy design when it comes to our anthracite column radiators, here at The matte metallic finish is ideal for pairing up with urban, rustic home decor, providing a subtle yet strong background to a statement room.

Select Wide or Thin, Tall or Short Anthracite Column Radiators

The anthracite column radiators come in both vertical and horizontal designs so that you can find a piece to suit any wall space in your home. There are a range of sizes available in our anthracite shade of column radiators. Although, we would recommend that before delving into the sea of size and style options, you take a moment to work out your BTU measurement.

Because the BTU gives you an indication of what amount of heat you would need in accordance to the size of the room you are planning to warm up, you can then go on to select your ideal size or shape.

Anthracite Column Radiator Shapes to Suit All Tastes

However, in some cases, you may require an anthracite column radiator with a high BTU and not have the sufficient wall space to accommodate this. This means you may need to go for the double panel option in a slim column radiator of an anthracite finish. Both our anthracite vertical radiators and anthracite horizontal radiators come in an assortment of shapes.

If you want a bold and masculine edge, you can go for our flat panel designs, whereas, if you want something a bit softer and minimalist, try our oval tube anthracite radiators. Our flat panel designs give your room a cutting-edge and futuristic feel that exudes luxury. The oval anthracite column radiators are quite a show-stopping feature in themselves.