Appealing Rustic Black Column Radiators

At, we provide you with an eclectic collection of fun black column radiator styles and shapes. The colour black was not that popular initially, but in recent times it seems to have made a chic and alluring splash in the world of interior decor.

For a start, we have an assortment of sizes and shapes available in our selection of black vertical column radiators. These are available in both flat panel and round tube designs to match the look you are aiming for in your house remodel.

Black Column Radiators to Jazz up Your Living Space

The beautiful elongated designs highlight and accentuate the corners of your room, or whichever wall they are placed against. Secondly, we have a sleek and industrial-inspired range of black horizontal column radiators due to the rounded effect of the tubes.

If you are looking for something specifically for your bathroom, we have a few traditional black column radiator designs available. These contain a striking chrome rail at the top of the radiator ideal for hanging and keeping towels fresh and dry. If you want to view a more broad range of black radiators, browse through our black vertical radiators or black horizontal radiators.

Black Column Radiators of all Shapes & Sizes

There are a range of slim and narrow black column radiators available, which help with space-saving bathroom or compact kitchens in which you plan to install any of our black column radiators. If you are overwhelmed by all the choice that is available to you and what size to select, all you need to do is work out your BTU measurement. This will give you an indication the amount of heat required to sufficiently warm up the room you are installing your new black column radiator in, according to its size.

You can then select from our slim premium black column radiator options or the wider, chunkier designs. However, it is worth noting that our contemporary towel rail radiators do not come in a black finish, therefore, you can only obtain classic black radiators in this style.