Add an Industrial Flair with Our Chrome Column Radiators

At, you can bring an elegant, urban flair to any living space you wish to remodel with our diverse selection of chrome column radiators. These sleek pieces will add a sparkle to your room, whilst keeping you warm and cosy.

The chrome finish works well with most colour schemes and not only looks glamorous but also has plenty of practical benefits. You can find out more about this in our article where we talk about top five reasons to go chrome.

Chrome Column Radiators in a Range of Shapes & Sizes

The chrome radiators for your bathroom are available in a variety of sizes, so that you can find something to fit your space. They come in both chrome horizontal radiators and chrome vertical radiators to give you a variety of looks to choose from. However, do not forget to take your BTU measurement into account.

This will allow you to establish what heat output you would require according to the size of the room you plan on fitting it in. You can do this instantly with our BTU infographic, which simplifies the calculation and allows you to figure out the required BTU in an instant.

Chrome Column Radiators for Your Bathroom, Living Room or Kitchen

Once you are sure about the size and BTU you will require, you can go on to look at the design of your chrome column radiator. Our horizontal chrome column radiators are available in oval and flat panel designs. We have these shapes available in most sizes so you can select exactly what you require.

The same goes for our vertical chrome column radiators. These also come in oval and flat panel designs, so all you need to do is go for the look and size that you feel will fit your room best. The best part of all is that the variety of designs, shapes and sizes gives you the flexibility to choose something for any part of your home. You can install our chrome radiators in your bathroom, kitchen, lounges, bedrooms or anywhere else that your imagination takes you.