Add Character to Your Room with our Horizontal Column Radiators

Our horizontal column radiators available here at are perfect for adding character and style to any room in your home that you are planning on remodelling. If you are puzzled by all the choices on offer, but have a particular style or design in mind, it would be recommended to follow these few easy steps.

Horizontal Column Radiators in a Selection of Sizes

The first thing you can do is calculate your BTU with the simple method we have highlighted in our handy infographic. Your BTU helps you figure out the amount of heat needed to warm up your room in relation to its size. This means that you can establish the size of radiator you will require and narrow down your choices according to this.

Even when you find out the BTU required for the size of the room in which you wish to fit our horizontal column radiators to, you may not have the optimum amount of wall space to fit a wide horizontal column radiator. Therefore, you could go for a slim horizontal column radiator and get it with 2 or 3 bars for additional heat output. Once you figure out the technical details out and decide which wall you will fit your new horizontal column radiator to, according to pipework, BTU, space provision, etc., you can think about aesthetics.

Horizontal Column Radiators to Match the Theme of Your Room

We have both contemporary and traditional styles of horizontal column radiators for you to select from. The innovative, modern style horizontal column radiators come in flat panel and oval designs. These are completed in shades of white, chrome, anthracite and black. Our traditional horizontal radiators are designed with the timeless colosseum finish to integrate with a dainty and charming vintage decor theme.

These are available in graceful finishes of white to allow you to accessorise as boldly or subtly as you please. Therefore, if you start off confused about which of our horizontal column radiators would best fit your home, all you need to do is run through these convenient pointers. If you are still deciding which style to go for, we would recommend you browse through our ranges of vertical column radiators, vertical radiators and horizontal radiators.