Vertical Column Radiators to Suit All Tastes

The vertical column radiators we stock here are come in a range of designs, so we are here to narrow down the options for you. If you are browsing through the choices and wondering what to opt for, you can go through a few simple steps to find yourself the perfect vertical column radiator.

Firstly, the main thing you need to calculate is your BTU. You can do this using our handy infographic that gives you the simple calculation in a diagram format. This gives you a rough indication of what heat output your room will require according to its size.

Begin by Calculating Your BTU

Once you have undergone this stage of the process, you can then proceed to find vertical column radiators within the specified BTU measurement. However, in some instances, you may not have a lot of wall space to take a wide version of our vertical column radiators.

Therefore, you may wish to consider something similar with two or three bars instead of one for additional heat. But that's not all because once you have taken care of the technical aspects; there is more in terms of style and design. If you want more of a variety, you can even take a browse through our range of vertical radiators or horizontal radiators.

Vertical Flat Panel Radiators & Oval Tube Shapes Available

Firstly, you need to decide whether you wish to add a contemporary or traditional touch to your home. Our modern vertical column radiators are available in vertical flat panel radiator designs, rounded and oval choices. They come in anthracite, white, black, chrome and silver finishes allowing you to obtain something that blends perfectly with your remodelled living space. If you wish to go for something different, try our range of horizontal column radiators.

The traditional vertical radiators give off a Victorian charm that works well in the UK. The classic colosseum shaped columns are perfect to add a timeless touch to your room and these radiators come in a finish of white. Whatever the look you are aiming for with your brand new bathroom or home remodel, you just need to follow this simple guide to discover the vertical column radiator of your choice from our extensive range.