Column Radiator Designs in White to Enhance Any Colour Scheme

Our white column radiators are the perfect piece to brighten up your home with and add an elegant and graceful charm to the rest of your home. With a number of contemporary styles, as well as timeless colosseum designs available, we leave no stone unturned here at

These white column radiators are not only appropriate for your new bathroom, but also slot effortlessly into other areas of your home. Both white vertical radiators and white horizontal radiators are available, which makes it easy for you to choose something for the space you are decorating.

White Column Radiators Available in a Range of Shapes & Sizes

In terms of shapes and sizes, you can obtain similar designs in both the horizontal and vertical column radiator models in white. The white horizontal column radiators we stock come in modern flat panel and oval designs. The traditional styles that are available are short and wide, as well as regular large and small white radiators.

The same goes for our vertical white column radiators that come in flat panel and oval designs, as well as the classic colosseum style. The flat panel shape creates a striking and cutting edge look that gives your room a futuristic feel. On the other hand the oval shapes give off a softer, feminine look that can blend into a classic or contemporary theme.

Brighten Up Your Living Space with our White Column Radiators

If you are overwhelmed by all the choices you have, you can use your BTU measurement as a starting point for the selection process. This measurement allows you to establish the amount of heat your room will require according to its size. Once you are aware of this, you can browse through the white column radiator shapes and styles to see what you like best.

In some instances, you may find that the BTU you need is high and the wall space you have is limited. If this happens, you can select from our double or triple bar radiators for additional heat in a slim size radiator.