Incredible Selection of Column Radiators

At, we stock a vast range of column radiators that will leave you spoilt for choice. All you need to do is browse through our selection to find something that matches with the interior decor of your home.

Variety of Colours & Column Radiator Models Available

Our column radiators are divided into horizontal column radiators and vertical column radiators. The vertical radiators are slim and elongated and can be installed tall up against your wall. The horizontal radiators are more of an innovation on the traditional colosseum look as they are short and wide. There are also a couple of choices in our heated towel rails that you can go for if you require something a little bit more subtle.

The innovative and cutting-edge selection of column radiators is available in a range of glamorous finishes including anthracite, chrome, black, white and silver. They also come in a number of patterns including oval and flat panel shapes so that you can choose something that encapsulates the look you wish to create in your brand new bathroom or living space. If you wish to take a look at the more unique and luxurious styles, browse through our range of designer radiators.

Column Radiators of All Shapes & Sizes

Further to that, you can get them in a range of sizes and bars. If this is all puzzling for you, all you need to do is go over to our BTU calculation infographic and instantly work out the heat output that would be required based on the dimensions of the room to which you wish to fit the radiator. This will narrow down the column radiator choices that are on sale for you to a minimum. You can then check out which wall you want to place any of our column radiators against.

Because there is limited space within property in the UK, it may be wise to go for smaller or uniquely shaped options. For instance, if you would like a column radiator with a high BTU that is still quite slim, we have 2 and 3 bar column radiator choices. Unfortunately, we do not stock 4 column radiators but our column radiators are solid and sturdy enough to provide you with all you need.