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Designer Electric Towel Rail Solutions to Provide You with Substance & Style

The word 'designer' is thrown around a lot nowadays, attached to things that do not deserve the appellation. Designer is a byword for elegance and style, for cutting edge thinking and high quality.

With that in mind, we have no qualms in giving the name to our range of designer electric radiators. Combining the very best of functionality and style, our steel-cast heaters will last you a lifetime, due to the low carbon content of the steel we use.

Wide Range of Designs to Select From

Whatever contemporary ethos you have opted for you in home, we have the designer electric radiators to fit the bill. True beautiful minimalism come with our unobtrusive flat panel shaped designer electric towel rail models. For my money, the straight round and curved round are among the most forward-looking, their combination of smooth and hard lines providing you with a piece that is wonderfully attention-grabbing.

If you want something a bit more classic, browse through our range of column radiators.

Choice of Functionality with Electric Designer Towel Rails

With our electric designer towel radiators, we want you to get the most from your brand new model. In that sense, we offer both electric only designer electric towel rails and thermostatic designer electric radiators. Your standard electric heaters operate at the simple flick of a switch, while thermostatic designer electric radiators give you a true hands-off experience. They automatically maintain your set temperature, taking into account ambient heat sources. Either option has its own advantages.

We also give you the option of using both the electric and thermostatic options simultaneously with the dual fuel functionality that you are able to activate. This allows you to use your thermostatic designer electric along with the rest of your central heating system during winter. During summer, you can use the electric option to switch on the designer electric towel rail separate from the rest of your central heating system. This will help keep your towels dry and fresh throughout the year.

If you prefer to select a heated designer towel rails without the electric option, take a look at our range of heated designer towel rails.