Stylish Designer Heated Towel Radiators

At, our designer towel radiators cater to you all year round. Of course these heated towel rails are most useful in those cold, dark, winter months. This is when toasty warm towels tend to be highly essential in your bathroom. Our designer towel rail radiators can also be used separately from the rest of your central heating radiators in the warmer months, to keep your towels fresh and avoid dampness.

This functionality is activated by integrating an electric element to our designer bathroom radiators and towel rails. The only way you will receive luxurious looks combined with functionality is by selecting any of our designer towel rails including our horizontal designer radiators, vertical designer radiators or our electric designer towel rails.

Designer Towel Rails Created to Last

Our designer towel radiators reflect the core characteristics that are at the heart of everything does. Among those is the focus on longevity, which saves you a lot of hassle in the long-run when it comes to maintaining your designer towel rails. We use a solid body cast constructed from low carbon steel when producing our designer towel radiators.

The composition of this steel ensures a heightened opposition to corrosion in addition to unbeatable strength. This helps guarantee that your designer towel radiator will not only look great within your brand new bathroom, but also maintain its sturdy and long-lasting appeal.

Designer Bathroom Radiators & Towel Rails for All Tastes

The quirky, asymmetrical setup makes for an eye-catching designer towel rail radiator. This stylish look is accentuated by the stunning gleam of the mirror finish. This is provided by a triple layering of chrome. If you wish to go for something a bit more subtle, try our range of heated towel rail radiators.

Layering the product three times helps to add the right burnished touch to it, which helps add a look of perfection. Further variation is added by multiple rail setups on offer. The different shapes we offer include flat panel, square, straight and curved designs. These are adaptable to suit whichever type of bathroom theme you are aiming to carry off.