Select Your Perfect Designer Horizontal Radiator from our Broad Range

The smart and innovative range of designer horizontal radiators can be used to add either a contemporary or traditional look to your latest bathroom or any other living space within your home.

There are a number of factors involved when deciding which designer radiator of a horizontal orientation you wish to go for. For a start, you may wish to measure the BTU output your room requires. This is a measurement that will help you establish the amount of heat you need according to the size of your room.

Horizontal Designer Radiators in a Range of Colours & Sizes

Once you have a rough idea of the BTU measurement that will be required, you can then decide which wall you wish to install your horizontal designer radiator to. Depending on whether you want something wide or narrow, we have a variety of dimensions for you to select from. A large or wide radiator will have a bigger BTU output, although if you are working with a small amount of space, you can go for something with two or three bars instead of one, so that you get the same amount of heat with a slimmer design.

The designer radiators of horizontal orientation come in a range of designs too. There are flat panel and oval designs to blend in with the rest of your room and create a look that's a cut above the rest. If you wish to take a look at something a bit more classic and subtle, browse through our range of vertical designer radiators or vertical radiators.

Designer Horizontal Radiators to Give Your Room the Midas Touch

All our horizontal designer radiators also come in a variety of finishes, which consist of white, chrome, anthracite and black to compliment the room's decor. Chrome adds a look of elegance, whereas white is ideal if you want a show stopping piece to stand out against a bold-coloured wall.

Anthracite designer radiators of a horizontal nature have more of a neutral or slightly urban appeal and work well with contemporary, trendy interior decor schemes. Therefore, you can select any of these as a safe option if you want something slightly understated with a similar sophistication to the others.