Neutral Colour Schemes Compliment Silver Designer Radiators

Our range of silver designer radiators gives you a brighter and more frosty-looking take on our anthracite and chrome designer radiators we stock, here at They mainly come in oval tube designs and add a breezy, neutral touch to your living space, blending in well with pastel or subtle sea blue colour schemes.

Modern Silver Designer Radiators to Suit Every Room

The beauty of the silver designer radiators is that they are versatile and appropriate for any part of your home, whereas our heated towel rails are more functional in the bathroom. The silver designer radiators can be fitted throughout your home to keep your decor looking consistent overall. You can obtain the silver vertical radiators in a range of sizes, whether you need a wide one for a larger room or a slim and slender one for a small bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom.

The key to deciding what size you require for your living space is to start off by calculating your BTU. You can use our BTU infographic, quickly measure your space and calculate the BTU required in an instant. This will give you a reasonable indication of the amount of heat your room requires according to its dimensions.

You can then decide which wall you wish to place your brand new silver designer radiator upon and go for the silver designer radiator in this manner. If the wall space you have is narrower than the silver designer radiator size you intend to purchase, you can opt for double or triple bars for added heat.

Trendy Grey Bathroom Furniture & Silver Designer Radiators

To create a Scandinavian or Nordic look in your bathroom, that's in keeping with the grey trend that's been doing the rounds, you can match the silver radiators with our grey bathroom furniture.

Whether you want to go for something that has a classic, rustic touch or something a bit more modern, we have a couple of selections of grey furniture to give your bathroom an edgy allure.