Designer Vertical Radiators to Match All Styles

If you are looking to add a striking feature to your wall, which has a meaningful purpose and provides you with great functionality, you have come to the right place. Our selection of designer vertical radiators comes in an assortment of styles, colours and widths, so that you can create an effective look when thinking about interior design themes.

For a start, these striking vertical designer radiators are portray an elongated and slim design for finesse and elegance. They are the height of sophistication with their grand and graceful appeal that distinguishes them from the radiator styles we have on offer.

Selection of Vertical Design Radiator Choices Available

Formulated by combining a pattern of rails, the selection of vertical designer radiators is available in tones of black, white, anthracite, and chrome and silver. They also boast a number of shapes when it comes to the rails. The vertical designer radiators come in a variety of colosseum, Victorian-style rails, flat panels and oval tube rail designs so that you can go with something that matches the design of your living space.

The oval vertical designer radiators add a soft, feminine touch to your room, whereas the flat panel vertical designer radiators give your room a striking and innovative edge. This gives you an extensive collection to choose from when it comes to aesthetics. However, if you are interested in taking a look at alternative shapes and designs, browse through our range of horizontal designer radiators or horizontal radiators for more.

Slim or Wide Vertical Radiator Designs for Your Living Space

The main thing you need to be sure to verify when selecting from our range of vertical designer radiators is your room's BTU measurement. This gives you an indication of the radiator size needed to heat up your room according to its dimensions.

If you require a larger radiator of a higher BTU output and are struggling with wall space, you can opt for something with double bars rather than a single line. This will allow you to maintain a graceful look with slim vertical designer radiators that keep your room as warm as wide ones.