White Designer Radiators to Brighten Up Your Room

At soak.com, our diverse array of white designer radiators represents an elegant, efficient and long-lasting heating solution. Whether your bathrooms or room are styled along stirringly modern or subtly traditional lines, we will have a white towel radiator to meet your every need. We have all kinds of white designer radiator models including white column radiators, white vertical designer radiators, white horizontal designer radiators, white heated towel rails and white electric radiators.

Whichever type of functionality you would like to select from our diverse range of designer white radiators, you can find a number of shapes to suit the decor of your home. Our designer radiators in white come in round, oval and flat panel designs to allow you to create whichever abstract or quirky look best expresses your individual taste.

Decorate Your Walls with White Designer Radiators

As mentioned above, our white designer radiator range is rich and varied enough to match any bathroom suite design, contemporary or classic. For instance, our vertical designer radiators in white create an edgy statement in themselves, stretching smoothly and sleekly across your chosen wall. Our traditional white designer radiators are also attention-grabbing with the elegant and opulent striking colosseum look, which perfectly complements the pristine white body.

In terms of sizes, we have a range of choices for all types of spaces. There are wide and slim, short and tall designs available when it comes to our white designer heated towel rails, horizontal and colosseum designs.

Exceptional Functionality Goes Hand-in-Hand with Elegant White Form

White vertical designer radiators are mostly tall and elongated, but they also vary in terms of width. While we treasure eye-catching design, we are also keen to ensure our white heated towel radiators last you longer than you would expect. To this end, we ensure that we manufacture our white designer radiators from only the most suitable materials.

We form our white towel radiators from low carbon steel, chosen not just for its strength but for its impressive resistance to corrosion. We then dust the base of our white radiators in a specially formulated white powder coating. This adds an additional layer of toughness to the radiator and simultaneously gives you a gleaming, white finish.