Luxurious Designer Radiators to Perk Up Any Room

At, we offer the most incredible designer radiators were available in the UK. Our selection includes the most stylish range of designer heated towel rail radiators, column radiators that consist of horizontal and vertical radiator designers.

Our scintillating range of luxurious designer radiators consist of such a diverse collection of shapes, sizes, finishes and functionalities, they will leave you spoilt for choice. For a start, we have flat panel and curved available in most of contemporary towel rails and column radiators.

Designer Radiators of All Sizes Direct to Your Doorstep

There are slim and short sizes available, as well as wide or elongated radiators available in our designer ranges. These come in finishes of chrome, anthracite, and silver, black and white, to provide you with something that goes with every colour scheme. Our designer heated towel rails can be integrated with your central heating system but also come in electric towel rail versions. Browse through our heated towel rail radiators to take a closer look at all the styles and features we have to offer.

Additionally, there is also the option of having both functionalities activated at once with our dual fuel heated towel rail radiators. This means that the heated towel rail radiators available at can function during the winter as part of your central heating system. They can also be switched on separately during the summer.

Designer Radiators for Bathrooms, Kitchens & Lounges

If you are searching for designer kitchen radiators or for lounges and other areas of your living space, you would be better off opting for our range of vertical or horizontal column radiators. To take a look at our more discreet options in these ranges, click over to either our vertical radiators or horizontal radiators areas. If you are on the hunt for designer bathroom radiators, then it would be better to go for our designer heated towel rail radiators.

These are more practical for usage in the bathroom, as you can hang the towels up, keeping them fresh and dry and leave your bathroom clutter-free. In terms of functionality, what differentiates the designer bathroom radiators from the designer kitchen radiators is the electric or dual functionality that can be activated with our designer heated towel rail radiators for your bathroom.