Chrome Electric Radiators

Lasting a Lifetime

If you need to bring some functional shine to your bathroom, in addition to taking the edge of those dark winter mornings, shivering after your shower, then the solution is right here: our chrome electric radiators.

How can we say they last a lifetime? That's because beneath that gorgeous chrome finish is a base structure formed of low carbon steel. As a unit that is going to be in contact with a lot of moisture, it is essential your chrome electric radiators prove resistant to corrosion - this steel guarantees just that.

Shimmering Looks - The Range

Whatever stylistic leanings you have, whatever way you want your bathroom to appear, our chrome electric radiators range will have something to tickle your fancy. Contemporary bathrooms will suit a Gerona or the flat panels of the Medina range, while models from the Nancy or Polar are unobtrusive and quietly classy.

Standard & Thermostatic Options

Chrome electric radiators give you so much more flexibility with regards to the use of your heater. We take that further by offering both standard and thermostatic options. Both have their advantages, the standard being available at a flick of a switch, meaning less energy consumption, while thermostatic chrome electric radiators will automatically maintain an ambient temperature for you, saving you having to fiddle with it all the time.

Warranty - 10 Years of Peace of Mind

Of all the tenets that are central to what we do at, one of the foremost is customer service. We put ourselves in your shoes, get around your concerns and see what you need as a customer when it comes to styling your bathroom with us. We know customer communication is essential so we make our team as easy to reach as possible, by phone, through emails and now via our exciting live chat tool on our revamped website.

We are also pretty sure a customer would need the backing of a decade's warranty, so we make sure our chrome electric radiators have just that when they rock up at your door. The bonus is that our warranty is completely free.