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Curved Rail Electric Radiators

Elegant Curved Design

At BathEmpire, our range of curved rail electric radiators provides you with an elegant and contemporary heating solution. The selection we provide mainly consists of the Nancy range, which is constructed with precision and finesse for a soft touch. The range comes in a choice of both basic and premium styles.

Variation of Sizes

Available with you in a variation of sizes, from the more compact 700 x 450 mm to the larger 1800 x 600 mm, our Nancy electric towel rail curved radiators are strong and attractive. This is because they are constructed from steel that is of low carbon.

To reinforce strength and durability, we seal the entire frame then being sealed in triple-layered chrome. This also adds a shimmering glint to the curved rail electric radiators that playfully accentuates the light in your brand new bathroom.

When you buy any of our curved rail electric radiators, you also get a ten year warranty on the product for absolutely no additional cost.

Superb Functionality

Our range of curved rail electric radiators comes in both thermostatic and standard power options. A thermostatic radiator is better if you are going to be using it a lot, as it maintains an ambient temperature more easily.

On the other hand, a normal radiator is better for sporadic use as it can be flicked on and off at your leisure. It is also possible, through purchasing one of our T-piece connectors, to make your curved rail electric radiators due to dual fuel. Therefore, our range is not only stylish and long lasting, but endlessly versatile, too.

Installation & Testing

To make installation as easy as possible for you, our curved rail electric radiators all use standard British fittings. This includes a standard 15 mm connection on the radiator itself. Safety and reliability is important to us at BathEmpire, and as such all our radiators are manufactured to BS EN 442 standards as well as pressure tested to 15 bar. This is around three times as much pressure as you would have in your home.