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Flat Panel Electric Radiators

Contemporary Flat Panels

For stylish, minimalist flat panel electric radiators, exquisite range of flat panel electric radiators is the most hardwearing and stylish range around. The diverse selection of flat panel electric radiators comes in both thermostatic and standard modes.

Sizes to Match Every Room

Our flat panel radiators are also of varying sizes, from 800 x 450 mm to the largest, whose dimensions are 1600 x 600 mm. It does not matter what size of flat panel electric radiator you are searching for. With our flat panel electric radiators, we ensure you will obtain a product that will last you a lifetime.

The frames of our flat panel electric radiators are formed of steel made from low carbon for lightweight strength. We then coat them with three layers of chrome, which gives them a tough and attractively reflective finish. This also ensures that they can withstand damage while catching the eye.

Fitting & Installation

Solid, long lasting and attractive, our flat panel electric radiators are engineered to fit into your life as seamlessly as possible. We use only British standard fittings, including a 15 mm connector, to help you with installation.

Additional Radiator Fixtures

Each flat panel radiator is pressure tested up to 15 bar and the average household system is under 5 bar. This means that it is able to handle domestic pressures safely. We also manufacture our electric radiators to meet and exceed the exacting BS EN 442 standards. Like our other ranges, the addition of a T-Piece connector can make any flat panel dual fuel, that is, able to run off the central heating system or electric power.

Long-Lasting Warranty

You need not worry about the quality of our goods due to our highly competitive price ranges. This is because we can guarantee that you will have no problems or hassle after you purchase one of our flat panel electric radiators.

To back this promise up, we offer you a guarantee that spawns across ten years. Furthermore, this is given to you automatically for absolutely no additional cost whatsoever. There is nothing more viable than this trustworthy indicator of our solid faith in the quality and longevity of our products.