Francis Flat Panel Electric Radiators

Stunning Style

Even among the roster of high quality heaters we have at, our Francis flat panel electric radiators stand apart as the ultimate contemporary design. They tick all the boxes as regards quality modern minimalism, the Francis flat panel electric radiators giving off only the very slimmest silhouette due to the skinny, wall-hugging panels.

Touching off that style is the finish. That beautiful chrome is laid on in three separate layers, a technique we feel gives the best, burnished finish. Our Francis flat panel electric radiators glint and reflect beautifully, lifting the light in your room.

Modes of Operation

We like to give you as many options as possible, so we offer both standard and thermostatic Francis flat panel electric radiators. A thermostatic model is your best bet for continuous operation, as it keep your set temperature without your input, while standard models are good for quick activation.

A Radiator That'll Last

Beneath those beguiling looks, our Francis flat panel chrome electric radiators have a body of solid steel. Low carbon steel, to be precise, as that mix has been proved to be practically impervious to corrosion elements. This means a long-lasting radiator for you, saving the money and hassle of replacements or repairs.

Warranty - 10 Years of Peace of Mind

Intrigued, piqued or perplexed? Don't suffer in silence, come straight to our relaxed, friendly and best of all knowledgeable customer service people who are more than willing to dig into any query you might have. That's everything from water pressures to furniture colours - they know the lot.

They can also advise on our warranty, which runs for ten years from the point you register it after purchase. It's a stunning stamp of approval for our products, as we wouldn't protect them for that long if we knew they were inferior. It also makes life easier for you as you know you needn't concern yourself with replacing or fixing them up anytime soon. It's a win-win.