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Medina Flat Panel Electric Radiators

Exquisite White Flat Panel Radiators

Our remarkable selection of Medina flat panel electric radiators are ideal for using throughout the summer and the winter. They can be connected to your central heating system or used separately by adding an electric element. This helps keep your towels dry all year round.

Place As You Please

The pristine, white flat panels add a clean, minimalistic appeal to whichever room they are placed in. They are available in a number of sizes so that you can place them in any area you please. It does not matter if you need a tiny one for a cloakroom or conservatory or a wide and elongated one to add opulence and grandeur to your living room. This range of radiators provides you with a look that will not go amiss.

High Quality Manufacturing Processes

Constructed from top quality low carbon steel and topped off in an exquisite white powder coated finish, the Medina range of flat panel electric radiators perform as superbly as they look. This is a highly durable range of radiators, which consists of anti-corrosive qualities. They have been put together by an ISO 9001:2008 recognised team of manufacturers and have been tested to BS EN 442 standards.

Radiator Components

Our range of Medina flat panel electric radiators has been 100% leak tested and can be integrated with all UK heating systems that are tank fed or combination systems. The radiator kits come with an electric element, as well as anti-freeze radiator inhibitor fluid. However, if you wish to use this radiator in compliance with your central heating system, the radiator valves need to be bought separately.

Ten Years Assurance

Whatever we state above has been backed up by the warranty we supply you with for absolutely free. Like most of our other products, here at BathEmpire, the Medina range of flat panel radiators comes with a ten year guarantee to allow ensure you quality and endurance when you decide to purchase any of these radiators.