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Nancy Curved Round Electric Radiators

Glistening Nancy Radiator Frames

Subtle and minimalistic form is presented in these dainty and elegant Nancy curved round electric radiators. This exquisite range of fine electric radiators not only looks meticulous, but also performs exceptionally and gives you something practical to help you dry your wet towels and keep them fresh all day long.

Practical Uses

The design is quite versatile, which means that these radiators can be installed anywhere you see fit. For instance, you can fit these into your kitchen to keep your washcloths dry if you find yourself constantly running out of dry cloths to clean your dishes with.

Constructed for Longevity

The Nancy range of curved round electric radiators is produced using steel made from low carbon before being polished off in layer of chrome. The radiators have been tested to comply with BS EN 442 standards and are manufactured by an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer. It has also been 100% tested against any leaks and is compatible for use with most tank fed or combination UK heating systems.

Dual Fuel Functionality

This guarantees that they are made using the highest quality of production processes. Furthermore, this range of radiators comes included with a 500W electric thermostatic element. This element enables you to add dual fuel functionality to your brand new radiator, which means that you can use it all year round by switching it on separately from the rest of your central heating system.

Although, if you do wish to integrate it with your central heating system as well as use it separately, all you need to do is purchase some radiator valves and add these on. You can go for the straight valves or the angled ones according to whether your heating pips stem from the floor or from the wall.

Ten Years of No Hassle

We do not just assure you of the superb form, functionality and quality through what we say. We reinforce our promise of exceptional performance and customer satisfaction through our ten year warranty. This is added onto the Nancy curved round range of electric radiators for absolutely free.