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Virginia Square Tube Electric Radiators

Seductive Style

Our gleaming range of chrome Virginia square tube electric radiators come in a range of sizes to set up in any room you please. This style of radiators is available in a selection of sizes and functionalities. You can go for something tall and slim, if you wish to place this along an elongated wall space.

On the other hand, you can select something a bit more bold and chunky, if you wish to add a capturing piece to a living space. The square tube electric radiators come with an adaptable electric element, which makes them usable in the winter, as well as the summer. This range, similar to our other ranges, is produced from low carbon steel to ensure the electric radiators consist of anti-corrosive qualities.

Rigorous Testing Procedures

After that, the gleam and polished surface is accentuated by layering the square tube electric radiators with toppings of chrome. After production, the collection is then put through stringent testing processes to ensure they will last you longer than you expect. The square tube electric radiators have be approved by an ISO 9001:2008 qualified team and are put through tests to meet BS EN 442 standards.

Furthermore, the radiators are 100% leak tested and come with fixtures and fittings, an electric element and anti-freeze radiator inhibitor fluid. The dual functionality can be activated when you add this element to your brand new electric radiator.

What It Includes

However, if you want the Virginia square tube electric radiator to function with the rest of your central heating system during the rest of the year, you can purchase some radiator valves separately, in order to activate this functionality.

Hassle-Free Ten Years

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that you can only do this if your system has been treated with a corrosion inhibitor. A qualified plumber can advise you further on this, if you are in doubt. The Virginia range of square tube electric towel radiators is supported by a ten year guarantee. This is given to you for absolutely free when you purchase one of these gleaming chrome radiators.