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White Electric Radiators

Superb White Electric Radiators

Our exquisite range of pristine, white electric towel radiators are the perfect accessory to bring your living space to life. You can place them in your brand new bathroom or even more imaginatively in your kitchen or lounge. They are great for hanging up your towels or wet washcloths, if you have quite a few dishes to dry.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to adapt to the room you would like to place them within. For instance, if you are planning to redesign a compact cloakroom, we have some miniature sizes and styles to slot effortlessly into any wall space. However, if you have a larger room, like a brand new kitchen you are looking to remodel, try to integrate the long and wide designs for a slice of opulent charm.

Accompanying Components

These electric radiators come in a straight rail design and are adaptable to whatever functionality you prefer to use them for. They are compatible with all UK central heating systems that are tank fed or combination. Furthermore, they come with a 300W electric element, anti-freeze radiator inhibitor fluid, adjustable wall brackets, a blanking plug and an air vent plug.

The white electric radiators do not come with radiator valves, but these can be added to the electric radiator to integrate it with your central heating system. The reason for this is that you may need straight valves or angled valves. If your heating pipes come from the floor, straight valves would be more appropriate, whereas, if they come from the wall, you will need angled valves.

Assured to Last

What we find amazing about these white electric radiators is not only the guaranteed robustness, exceptional performance and functionality paired with exquisite style and design. You will be glad to know that we provide a warranty for ten years on the radiator that comes with the product, at absolutely no additional cost.

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