Lustrous Heated Chrome Towel Rail Options for Bathrooms

For the ultimate in sleek, cutting-edge and contemporary style, take a look at our range of heated chrome towel rail options, right here at You can bring a twinkling touch to your brand new bathroom or other living spaces, if you prefer with one of these innovative radiators.

When it comes to our chrome radiator towel rail designs, we do not compromise on any of the finer details. This means that our heated chrome towel rail options will provide you with quality to the full when it comes to each area including style, performance and longevity. Beneath the gorgeous chrome finish that gives off a reflective shine, there lays a sturdy and resistant base.

Select from a Diverse Range of Chrome Towel Radiator Shapes

Our chrome towel radiator designs consist of a number of shapes that allow you to find your perfect match.

These come with either tubes or panels, which allow you to go as vintage or futuristic as you like. For example, we have flat panel models, for a slim and sophisticated silhouette to create a look of minimalism. With some of these, you can even add an electric element to activate the dual fuel functionality. Browse through our chrome electric towel radiators to discover your perfect look.

On the other hand, we also stock curved chrome towel radiator styles, as well as round designs that provide you with curvaceous contours for soft charm.

Chrome Towel Radiators Available in a Range of Dimensions

At, we make sure we cater to all types of bathroom shapes and sizes with our chrome towel rails. The chrome towel radiator 500mm options are the average size one can select from, however most of them start from 450mm and go as wide as chrome towel radiator 600mm options.

The 450mm chrome towel radiator styles are slim and elongated allowing you to hang more towels up to dry, whereas the wider chrome towel radiator 600 options provide you with something broad for slightly shorter floor and hand towels.

If you are obsessed with the shiny, elegant chrome finish, you can delve into our wider variety of chrome designer radiators or chrome radiators.