Dual Fuel Towel Rails to Dry Your Towels All Year Round

At soak.com, our handy dual fuel towel rails add style and convenience to your brand new bathroom. They make it easy for you to keep your towels dry all year round due to the fact that you can integrate them to your central heating system during the winter using the appropriate radiator valves.

In the summertime, you can integrate an electric element to them to activate the electric switch. This allows you to switch them on for a couple of hours so that you can keep your towels dry and fresh. Simply browse through our choice of heating elements to select your appropriate accessories to suit your radiator.

Radiators & Towel Rails with Integrated Dual Fuel Functionality

The dual fuel towel rails come in a range of designs, finishes, sizes and shapes, so that you can complete your new bathroom with a consistent piece that will look great and blend in perfectly with your bathroom. There are finishes of chrome and white available so that you can go for something that stands out against a wall of a bold colour.

If you are going for a plain white bathroom, which is a bit more minimalist and contemporary, you can opt for our dual fuel towel rails in chrome. This will add a dazzling sparkle to your bathroom and give the entire room a fresh life, with bright white suites, baths and chrome bathroom accessories to tie together the theme of modern elegance.

Diverse Selection of Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rails for Bathrooms

Our dual fuel heated towel rails for bathrooms can also be fitted to other areas of your home depending on how imaginative you wish to get. For instance, they would be a good addition to your kitchen if you tend to have a lot of wet dishcloths or towels lying around that you use to do your dishes.

If you are redesigning your entire home, it may be worth installing dual fuel towel radiators in your utility rooms or any room you see fit to get an extra handy hanging device. This will give you the allowance to will dry your clothes or additions towels in an instant.

If you wish to go for something with a more trendy and unique look, browse through our selection of heated designer towel rails.