Practical and Stylish Ladder Towel Radiators

For convenience, as well as style, we at, offer you ladder towel radiators. You may wonder why our range of ladder towel radiators has been differentiated from our heated towel rails.

This is because we have traditional towel radiators that are designed with the classic colosseum look and have a single rail integrated to them. Therefore, these are placed into our vast heated towel rail collection.

Ladder Radiators to Hang Up Those Towels

On the other hand, the ladder towel radiators provide you with more of a contemporary radiator design with gleaming chrome radiator valves that you can buy to compliment any look you go for. This has been created around the concept of drying your towels all year long. Therefore, we have traditional styles that are formed with chrome bars in this style of radiator.

However, our entire ladder radiator collection focuses on a ladder-inspired design allowing you to stack your towels one after the other instead of a design that portrays a traditional look similar to that of the colosseum Victorian-inspired heated towel rails.

Central Heating System & BTU

When it comes to our ladder radiators it is important to note that there is the option to integrate an electric element to activate the dual fuel functionality. This enables you to use them in the winter alongside your central heating system, as well as in the summer separately using a flick of a switch.

This allows you to keep your towels feeling snug and dry, as well as smelling fresh all year long. However, it is worth noting your BTU before selecting one of these, as this measurement gives you an indication of what amount of heat is required for the size of your room. Take a look at our infographic to discover a quick and simple way of calculating this measurement.

You can then get your hands on a ravishing and shiny new ladder radiator that adds a charming look and keeps your bathroom clutter-free. You will also ensure this ladder radiator operates all year long and gives you the optimum amount of heat whether you possess a small or a large bathroom.

If you wish to browse through other designs, you can take a look at our range of heated designer towel rails or go further with our complete collection of designer radiators for more.