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Medina Flat Panel Towel Radiators

Striking, White Finishes

Lustrous, white flat panels are put together to formulate our exceptional range of Medina flat panel towel radiators. These can be added to a bold background to create a striking effect due to the bright, white contrast. On the other hand, they can also blend into a neutral colour palette perfectly.

Select Your Size

There is a varied selection of sizes available in the Medina range of flat panel towel radiators. This way you can choose whether you would like a petite piece to embellish an empty wall, or would like to create a statement by adding a large and striking piece within your public spaces.

Assured Endurance

These innovatively constructed flat panel radiators have been constructed with low carbon steel and polished off with a smooth, white powder coated finish. They have been tested rigorously to BS EN 442 standards and conform to ISO9001:2008 regulations.

Although these radiators are to be integrated to your central heating system, you can also use them separately during the summer. This is by attaching an electric element to them and switching them on by themselves, whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom to keep those wet wash cloths or towels fresh all year round.

Radiator Components

This element can be bought separately, as this radiator kit includes the radiator itself, adjustable wall brackets, a blanking plug and an air vent plug. It also comes with anti-freeze radiator inhibitor fluid. The radiator valves also need to be bought separately, as these so not come with the Medina flat panel towel radiator.

Ten Years of Confidence

As with most of our products at BathEmpire, the Medina selection of flat panel white towel radiators are guaranteed to last you longer than you can imagine. That is not only promised in writing to you, as we support this with our ten year guarantee that we provide to your for absolutely free. This covers you for any repair or replacement that you may need in the next ten years.