Minimalist Towel Rail Selection for Your New Bathroom

If you want something simple yet refined for your brand new bathroom, the perfect option would be our selection of minimalist heated bathroom towel rails. You can banish those goosebumps and striking chills that occur every dark winter morning in the bathroom, when getting ready for work.

However, the minimalist towel rail radiators are also perfect for operating separately from the rest of your central heating system in the summertime. All you need is an electric element that will help activate the dual functionality and keep your towels fresh and dry all year round. Even though this graceful selection of heated bathroom towel rails is classified as basic, they come with the same handy features as our column radiators.

Simplicity with the Best Priced Selection of Towel Radiators Around

Most of the minimalist modern towel radiator designs come in chrome for an elegant yet understated feel. Apart from looking ravishing, chrome presents you with plenty of other useful features. For instance, it is easy to clean and does not rust as easily as other metals.

The modern towel rail designs not only look edgy and contemporary when applied to your brand new bathroom, despite their simplicity. If you want something with a slightly more unique touch, try browsing through our complete selection of heated designer towel rails.

They also give you something functional and practical with lots of useful features to leave you with a bathroom that not only looks great but remain snug and clutter-free. This is because the slim towel rails allow you to hang up all those wet towels keeping them well out of site.

Modern Heated Towel Rail Models Featured in Our Sale

Our price will not let you down either, when it comes to our selection of towel radiators. Our lowest priced contemporary minimalist towel rail radiator starts from below £50 and the lowest traditional style is worth below £200. This makes them affordable, stylish and useful for your wonderful new bathroom.