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Polar Straight Round Towel Radiators

Charming White Towel Radiators

Striking, white Polar straight round towel radiators are ideal for bringing any dark or bold wall to life. They stand out and are designed elegantly, with thick round rails on the sides and finer ones in the centre to hold your towels, presenting them in a stylish manner, whilst keeping them dry and fresh for your regular usage.

These exquisitely crafted polar straight round towel radiators come in a variety of sizes to cater to any type of room you wish to place them in. there are long, rectangular ladder styles and much shorter and compressed square designs to provide something for everyone.

Manufactured With Precision

The Polar straight round towel radiators are developed using low carbon steel and finished off in a topping of white powder. To add to that, the radiators go through stringent testing procedures to comply with BS EN 442 standards and meet ISO9001:2008 regulations. They have been thoroughly leak tested, as well as safety tested at 10 bar pressure, whereas the pressure in your home would be well under 11 bar.

Additional Radiator Components

The Polar radiator kit comes with adjustable wall brackets, a blanking plug and an air vent plug. You will need to purchase either straight or angled radiator valves depending on the type of piping installed in your home. If your heating comes from the floor, you will need straight valves, whereas if it derives from the wall, you need angled valves.

Added to that, if you wish to use the radiator separately from the rest of your central heating system, you can integrate a 100W, 300W or 5000W heating element to it. You will require a T piece connector to allow you to do this.

Ten Year Cover

Once you buy a Polar straight round towel radiator from us, you can rest assured that your product will be covered against any manufacturing damages or faults. This ten year guarantee is provided to for absolutely free and all you need to do to activate it is register online.