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Heated Towel Rail

Luxurious Heated Towel Rails

At, you will come across the highest standard of heated towel rail ranges. We use elegant and sturdy low carbon steel when it comes to manufacturing our heated towel rails. These are then polished off with a thick layer of chrome. This helps to protect the heated towel rails and give them a gleaming, reflective glaze.

Sleek Finish

Added to that, this glossy finish enhances the light in your bathroom by projecting a slight shine. We have researched the best design processes and materials for your heated towel rail to ensure you receive value for your money.

Styles to Cater for Most Trends

Whatever the setup and design of your bathroom, we have a chrome heated towel rail to match. For the more understated, classic look, our traditional Victoria line of bathroom heated towel radiators is ideal, while for a cooler, more modern look our minimalist Francis Flat heated towel rails are perfect, fitting sleekly close to your bathroom wall to create a striking design feature.


If you want to go for something more innovative try the Tabor oval tube heated towel rail against a bold wall. This will create a striking contrast due to the striking white finish of the oval tubes.

Electric Towel Rail Radiators

We also have a popular range of electric heated towel rails, which can be set up to be thermostatic, maintaining a constant room temperature, or simply switched on and off as and when you require your heated towel radiators to operate. This saves you money on your bills as you need not fire up the whole system when you require use of only one or a few of your heated towel radiators.

Assured to Last

Combining attractive form and long-lasting function, when you buy heated towel radiators from us you get a decade's worth of peace of mind as the products come with a free ten year warranty. This is a sure sign of confidence in our products.