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Huntington Oval Tube Column Radiators

Extravagant Design

Our alluring range of fine Huntington oval tube horizontal radiators adds an instant style upgrade to any room in your home. The dazzling polish of the crisp chrome reflects the light to brighten up your living space. The innovative curved contours of the oval tube add a chic look to any neutral or bold coloured wall.

Pick Your Radiator Valve

When you buy any of our Huntington oval tube horizontal radiators, you will receive the radiator and fixtures to install it. However, you will not receive the radiator valves and can select the one you prefer from our choice of different styles and functionalities.

High Endurance Material

Not only do these stunning, polished chrome radiators look incredibly appealing. They also provide you with a product you can count on in the long run. This is because the Huntington oval tube horizontal radiators are produced using low carbon steel of a high grade.

It is also worth noting that these radiators can be integrated with your central heating system, as long as you treat it with a corrosion inhibitor. You can ask a qualified plumber for guidance if you have any doubts.

Tested Meticulously

As far as testing the radiator is concerned, we have sourced an ISO 9001:2008 registered team to manufacture this heavy-duty horizontal column radiator BS EN 442 specifications to for us. We also ensure the radiator surpasses 200 hours of neutral acid salt spray testing, as well as being 100% leak proof. The Huntington range of oval tube horizontal radiators is compatible for use with all UK heating systems that are tank fed or combination systems.

Ten Years of Trust and Confidence

As with most of our products at BathEmpire, we provide you with a free guarantee added on for no additional cost, when you purchase any of these Huntington oval tube horizontal radiators. This spawns across a period of ten years to ensure you feel completely at ease when it comes to your brand new radiators.