Roma Round Tube Horizontal Radiators

Select the Ideal Size

Create a truly authentic period-style living space with these magnificently designed steel radiators. Capable of delivering enough heat to a warm a tiled living space, they come in a variety of heights and widths to suit the look you are aiming to achieve. You can opt for the really wide Roma round tube horizontal radiators.

These come in a shorter height that makes them ideal for positioning underneath a low hung window or small wall gap. The regular radiators are stocked in a taller height, although these also come in a variety of widths to allow you to heat tiny, as well as larger rooms.

Add to Any Room

The Roma round tube white horizontal radiators can be placed within most living spaces, whether that is your corridors, kitchens, bathrooms, lounges or bedrooms. They also come in a variety of bars, so you can either choose between two bars and three bars, depending on the amount of heat your require within your living space.

The Roma round tube horizontal radiators are manufactured from low carbon steel and are topped off with a high quality white powder coated finish. They are tested to BS EN 442 standards and comply with ISO9001:2008 regulations, therefore you can rest assured that they will last you for a long time to come.

Stringent Testing Processes

Added to that, they have been safety tested at 10 bar pressure and the pressure in your home tends to be under 11 bar. Furthermore, they are 100% leak tested and are compatible on all UK heating systems that are tank fed or combination. The Roma round tube horizontal radiator kit includes the radiator itself, wall brackets, blanking plug and air vent plug.

However, they do not come with radiator valves, as you can choose whether you prefer regular straight valves or thermostatic valves. To support all this, we add on ten years of cover to the radiator for absolutely free. This protects you against any manufacturing faults and is automatically added to the radiator once you purchase it.